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Welcome to DJK Rhenania Kleve – the No. 1 football-club for getting easily in touch with locals and having a maximum fun. We have had players from over 40 nations playing in a very student-friendly team together during the last 4 years. DJK Kleve stands 100% for living the welcome-culture. The team is fighting for points in the local league with many derbys and lots of fun. We are continously searching for new players who want to join this team as we have high fluctuation due to players having internships or finish their study. We took the challenge of creating a team with high fluctuation but therefore with an outstanding quality of character and personality!  

If you are interested, feel free to join our trainings on Tuesday/Thursday at 19:00 for a free tryout. The DJK-Pitch’s address is “Stiller Winkel, 47533 Kleve”. This is bedhind the “Tiergarten” only about 2 km away from the Hochschule with good bus connection (Busstop “Schützenhaus”). For any questions contact the DJK-Manager and Trainer of the 1st Team (Andreas Ingensand, “DJK-Scouts” at the HSRW are Mark Raeven and Milan Reddemann. Don’t hesitate to contact them at the campus.  

The Great Story

Last year first the local press got interested in this special team. Later the magazin “der Klever” wrote a very nice and well researched article about us. Then the biggest football-magazin “11 Freunde” came to us with two reporters for interviews and having a look to the training and the familiar athmosphere. DJK Kleve was part of the magazin in May (Germany-wide!). Not enough? After this, we got in contact with the 2nd largest Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”, as they noticed this extraordenary team. As a result of several e-mails, Skype-conferences in Spanish and Englisch they published an unbelievable good article on their website in May. This was still not the end! Weeks later we have been on German television as they were interested in how friendly about 30 nations can play football together and act as one team.

Hall of Fame

Read what former and actual players say about DJK Kleve. They shared their experiences with club, team and people to give you an impression what is waiting for you if you join the club!

Hauke Benjes (Germany, Bremen)

„I joined DJK shortly after I arrived in Kleve when it was not known yet as an „international student team“. It was amazing to see the development of a local football team turning into Germany’s probably most multicultural team! It was a unique experience to be part of it and the club felt like a family for me. What was really special is that despite the variety of nations there was always a good atmosphere amongst us. Team spirit was our strengths! It is often said that sport brings together people from different social and national backgrounds… DJK Kleve is the perfect example for that!!!“

Teammember: 2014-2018 (Team-Captain, Social Diamond!)

Alfonso Banon (Spain, Pamplona)

„DJK Kleve, the team in which you will train, you will laugh, you will enjoy football, you will have a beer together with your team mates, you will share stories, but most importantly, where you will make friends for the rest of your life. Still hesitating about joining it?“

Teammember: 2015-2018 (Team-Captain)

Eric Simonds (USA, Philadelphia)

„My time with DJK Kleve has been a short, but solid experience. The club gave me an opportunity to take a pause from my studies and enjoy the sport I love. Led by a trainer with a passion for the game, and filled with players from mixed nations, the team embodies how beautiful the sport can be. The constant turnover of students, which unavoidably creates inconsistencies in the lineup, may create a disadvantage against the other well established teams in the league, but what cannot be beaten is the heart of team that can play hard despite its cultural and language barriers.“

Teammember: 2017-2018

Edgar Ho (Hong-Kong)

Hong-Kong-Superstar and living Legend!
„To know the whole story…come and join the team!“

Teammember: 2014-2018

Sani Wahyudi (Indonesia)

„I joined the team late in my studies and regret, not joining them sooner! It has been awesome since the first day and no training session ended without funny memorable moments and/or a beer DJK Kleve is the perfect opportunity for students who love football and want to get to know the German Kreisliga. The pitch, the people and the philosophy we represent will especially suit students from abroad as the training sessions are held bilingual and the coaches and players will also invite you to the recreational events like BBQ-Partys or watching Champions League together. Hence, I guess it is not wrong to say that just by joining the club you will directly have at least 11 new friends!“

Teammember: 2014-2016

Tim Thies (Germany, Bad Nenndorf)

„The cultural mix makes for a strong team spirit. Especially at the beginning of my studies the regular trainings at DJK were also a big help in making friends and feeling at home in Kleve. I have many great memories with DJK.“

Teammember 2016-2017

Peter Uerlich (Germany, Bremen)

I signed up for DJK Kleve at the FreshtivalMarket on one of my first days in Kleve and I haven’t regret it one second. The team is full of totally different players with different backgrounds, skill levels and personalities. But we are all united under this one goal: “to win the next game”, especially that makes the great spirit of this team. The great spirit is also a result of the TEAM-EVENTS we are having, like Fifa-sessions, pre-drinking as a team before parties, the Vatertagstour or just hanging out at the club house after games and trainings.
Playing for this team helped me a lot to find new friends here in Kleve. And it also gives me a good excuse not to study from time to time.

Teammember: 2016-2018

Mattia Epifani (Italy, Lecce)

I remember 1 or 2 days after arriving in Kleve I was brought at the DJK pitch for the first training, since that moment I became part of this multicultural family where people come and go at a constant pace but the group spirit stays the same, as the time passed we became brothers on the pitch and outside. The inclusion, fun and atmosphere in every training and match is unique as well as the amount of people from different nationalities you meet makes playing for DJK a truly unique experience. The passion and hard work everybody puts in to bring forward this amazing project is an inspiration that goes way beyond football.

Teammember: 2016-2018

Julius Itta (Germany)

„I was new in Kleve and wanted to get to know some people. So I joined DJK Rhenania Kleve. The members accepted me very fast and I felt really comfortable. It was a pleasure to be part of this fantastic team. The spirit in this club is unique. Unfortunately, I had to leave Kleve due to master thesis but I will always think about this time with a smile on my face. I wish DJK Kleve all the best for the future. It was a great experience.“

Teammember: 2015-2017

Juan Munoz Gomez (Spain, Madrid)

„I joined DJK to play football and I ended up finding more than a club, I made really great friends and I enjoyed my time in Germany like I couldn’t have done without them. DJK is not just football or an experience, it’s a family that hosts you regardless where you’re from. And, you know, team building is great. Still supporting DJK from Madrid!“

Teammember: 2017-2018

Patrick Leitl (Germany)

„This team was like no other!
During my time there, I played with at least 25-30 different people from different countries and amazing skills. The „disciplined“, the „hard-workers“, „the talented“, „the runners“ or „the fighters“… We had everything. After a tough time, we came closer together, fought back and stayed on the league, deservedly! That achievement was gratifying but also lots of fun. Thank you all for this great time!“

Teammember: 2016-2017

Brendon Romero (Trinidad/Tobago)

„Joining the club was one of the first things I did when I moved to Germany. I felt welcomed by the club, and playing with a multicultural team helped me to settle down in a new city, in a new country.“

Teammember: 2015-2018

Hyeon-Seok Kim (South-Korea, Seoul)

„No Worries! Football is an universal language.“

Teammember: 2015-2018

Ewoenam Attah-Mensah (Ghana, Accra)

Nothing beats being able to go out every Sunday as part of a team, to compete doing something I love, playing football. DJK Kleve’s welcoming atmosphere and international makeup has given me the chance to do just that, as well as giving me the opportunity to make many great friends.

Teammember: 2015-2018

Jonas Ulad El Gars (Germany, Düsseldorf)

„Ich bin im Verein angekommen und hab mich direkt wohl gefühlt. Man wird von allen super aufgenommen, ob es das Trainerteam ist, Vereinsmitglieder oder die Mitspieler. Spaß steht hier an erster Stelle und das im einen internationalen Team, das man sonst nirgens findet. Meine leider zu kurze Zeit bei der DJK war eine schöne Erfahrung und ich wünsche dem Verein alles Gute für die Zukunft.“

Teammember: 2017-2018

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